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Since around middle school I have been experimenting with cameras, taking all manners oF different photos. I have shot everything from portraits to weddings, communions to large events etc. I love everything photography has to offer, old and new, and I have come to the conclusion that I am ready for more. I am looking for any jobs, of any scale, having anything to do with photography. I will travel, I will work hard, and I will produce what is needed because I love this job!

I am a quiet person, but I enjoy working with people and getting into intimate and personal space when taking photos, but I also love to take photos of urban landscapes and nature. Essentially I can easily work with any subject matter.

As far as education goes, my life has been filled with school, I am working on a fine arts major with a photography focus. After that I hope to accomplish the goal of either establishing my own photography business, or to accept a job from a well groundeD company with photography, or both if possible.

I appreciate everyone reading this and I hope you enjoy my website. Feel free to email, text, or facebook message me with any comments, feedback, questions, or anything of that sort. My store will be back up and running soon! Thanks again!




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